Phase 1 - Wellcentive Build

To begin, each practice in SCCN is being connected to Wellcentive through their EMR and billing interfaces. This will allow for Wellcentive to capture real-time data across multiple systems into one online tool.



  • Interface Connectivity. Technical work between Seattle Children’s, Wellcentive, and SCCN practices’ EMR/billing system vendors to set up live data feeds.
  • Data Validation. Work between Seattle Children’s and the practices to ensure data integrity and that correct information is captured and displayed appropriately.


Goal: At least 75% of practice data will be connected in Wellcentive by September 30, 2016; remaining practices connected by the end of 2016.


  • Progress: On track for two practices to move into production in July and another five practices currently undergoing validation to be released into production by mid-August.