In looking at the future world of health care, we are making two important assumptions:


  • In a value-based contracting world, pediatric patients will increasingly be steered to defined networks (narrow and broad)
  • For pediatric primary care and specialty care, retaining maximum access to patients will require being part of provider networks operating as a high quality, pediatric-focused organized system of care



Networks will increasingly be judged not only by their volume, but by the quality of the care their patients are receiving.  To position ourselves for this new reality of care delivery, SCCN is focused on meeting or exceeding the following quality goals:




An important piece of creating the environment necessary to facilitate these new value-based standards is working with our practices to become Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH). The PCMH designation is bestowed on a practice based on meeting six key standards as designated by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).  Those standards are:

  1. Patient-centered access
  2. Team-based care
  3. Population health management
  4. Care management and support
  5. Care coordination and care transitions
  6. Performance measurement and quality improvement


These benefits help us pursue our overarching goals of lower costs, higher quality, and better access for patients.


For more detailed information on PCMHs, please visit http://www.ncqa.org/Programs/Recognition/Practices/PatientCenteredMedicalHomePCMH.aspx.